Increase Cold Storage with a Chef Base and Worktables

Kitchens are restricted in space. Meanwhile, as traffic grows, demand can increase. Through increasing efficiency, as well as increasing cold storage, these new demands can be met by replacing chef and work tables with refrigeration units.

A 72" chef base gives room for eight full-sized pans between four drawers. This gives immediate access to cold items used on the cookline. Using the FX Series by Randell you can have a medium and low temp chef base, giving access to frozen food such as seafood. This will decrease the time required going back and forth between the cookline and reach in. It could also eliminate a door or two of reach in, increasing the kitchen space for different uses.

If worktables are not being utilized for storage, or they are underutilized, you can shift them over to refrigeration units. With the FX worktable, they can act as medium and low temp units to expand the selection in the worktable.

Chef bases and worktables are an excellent way to increase your refrigeration or eliminate reach-in coolers and freezers.