Furniture/Front of House

Deitz provides quality wood chair products, adding a warm touch to your dining room. With a variety of options as far as look, stain, and upholstery, you can get the custom look you need at a reasonable price.


Geneva creates beautiful carts to emphasize class when displaying desserts, drinks, or a variety of other products. Proven again and again to increase sales through an attractive presentation, Geneva can be the cart and furniture that will set your establishment apart from others.

Glastender designs beautiful bars placed together using modular units so you can have the efficient and beautiful stainless steel look you have always wanted. Concerned deeply with keeping your bar clean, Glastender designs also focus on making it easy to clean at the end of the night.


Lakeside has been the trusted name in quality utility carts for decades. With an ever-expanding lineup to include breakfast carts, bus carts, kiosks, and custom solutions to your transportation issues, Lakeside continues to earn their reputation.