Food Preparation

Nothing is more important than safety when preparing food. With ServSafe certifications, Davis & Associates Inc. sales representatives can make sure your food preparation area is safe and efficient, using quality products to keep your temperatures and ensure no cross contamination.

Alluserv creates custom solutions for healthcare food delivery and food preperation so that facilities can be efficient and patient focused.

Epicurean boards are dishwasher safe, keep their shape, and avoid discoloration. Ensure a clean cutting board that looks great, and for longer boards, use the puzzle board to make it easy to take down and clean.

Randell brings technology and customization to the prep area. FX can keep temps within a degree or two of the set point, while custom line ups cater to the most demanding needs of a space and chef.

Victorinox is a sharp solution to your knife needs. A Victorinox blade maintains an edge better than the competition, giving you a product that will last a long time while giving clean, safe cuts. Davis & Associates Inc., also offers knife skill classes. For those in SNA, these count as CEUs.