Cook Line Equipment

Whether you need the equipment to cook on, refrigeration stands to place it on, hoods, or even an all in one system to keep wires from crossing, Davis & Associates, Inc. has the solution for you! Call us for a consultation and we can help you come up with an ideal layout for your needs and efficiency.


Avtec provides hoods whether you need the tried and true, or a more efficient and sophisticated solution in the EcoArch.

They also offer the Utility Distribution System (UDS). The UDS streamlines all your hoses and wires so they can be easily tapped into through panels.

With an extensive line of outdoor cooking equipment, portable hand sinks, and heat lamps, Crown Verity is the perfect solution for outdoor needs. Contact us with your outdoor dining needs, and we can help come up with the perfect equipment for you.

Dormont is the leader in gas hoses with their signature blue antimicrobial, which use a steel braid and steal corregated hose to give verticle and horizontal strength. With a number of safety features, they are also the safest hose on the market.

Groen provides steam, gas, and electric solutions to your cooking needs. With a wide range of braising pans, steamers, and kettles we can meet your needs with a high quality product that will last.

Made To Drain

Tired of lugging buckets of water over to the drain? Bring the drain to your equipment. Excellent for draining out kettles, braising pans, and other cook equipment, improving quality of life for employees.

Marra Forni

Need a good looking oven? Check out the custom, high temp, well insulated ovens of Marra Forni. While making a name with pizza ovens, they can make a mean steak, roasted vegetables, wonderful bread, and numerous other products. Ovens can be wood, gas, hybrid of wood and gas, or electric. Gas includes an easy to use digital interface to ensure precision. Contact us to get fitted with the right oven for your location.

Randell’s FX chef bases give refrigeration or freezer options all in one, while maintaining a degree or two of variance.

Victorinox provides a variety of quality turners.