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Mission Statement: We are a professional independent manufacturer’s representative sales and marketing organization that serves the food service industry. We promote and develop programs on equipment, supplies, and furniture for our customers with the support of our manufacturers.

Davis & Associates Office

Davis & Associates, Inc. was established in March of 1992, by Bob and Debbie Davis. The early office was located in the basement of their home. Today, Davis & Associates, Inc. is located in a 4,500 square foot facility in Muskego, Wisconsin, containing a training facility, showroom, warehouse, and office space for all administrative and sales associates. The showroom and training facilities can accommodate over 50 customers for educational and professional training seminars.

The company focuses on representing the finest quality foodservice manufacturers in the industry. The company’s product portfolio consists of foodservice equipment, furniture and supplies. The philosophy at Davis & Associates, Inc. is to provide prompt and ethical service to our customers in a professional manner.

Our Commitment: Davis and Associates's most important asset is our people. We strive to have our people well-trained, prepared and professional to our customers and manufacturers. We need to offer creative ideas on the use of our products and services to our customers, so they may increase their market share, profit, and have well-educated staff. We need to be financially sound so we can implement professional training programs for our people and customers. We need to have available for our people and the customer the latest technology and resources.

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Team (from left to right): 
Eliza: Culinary SpecialistPaul: Outside Sales, PartnerDeb: Founding Partner, Outside SalesJoel: Outside Sales, PartnerBob: Founding Partner, Outside SalesJeremiah: Customer Service