Serving Line

Hospitals, K-12, Universities, and other facilities need to serve a lot of food quickly, and serving lines make this easy. With Davis & Associates, Inc. and our lines, we can make this affordable and stylish as well.



Multiteria is a Milwaukee based manufacturer of serving lines. Whether you need a chic queue leading to the serving line, attractive mobile solutions, or a fashionable entirely custom display, Multiteria has you covered.

There is also marketing and display assistance, to make sure you get the most out of your serving line by making it attractive both through color, presentation, and decor.

Randell provides elegant solutions with a standard product line, giving a number of options to balance between look and affordability.

For those requiring a more custom solution, or more design oriented production, Randell can create a custom line up for your purposes, either using the standard product line for inspiration, or working entirely from scratch. Davis & Associates Inc., can look at the needs of the facility to ensure, in partnership with Randell, you get what you need.